Welcome to the website of Carleton B. Christensen.

I am a philosopher in the School of Philosophy at the Australian National University.

I have written a number of papers on different topics, not all of them strictly or mainstream philosophical. But I would like to make them widely accessible, for which reason I have posted them to this site.

I have also provided some of the course materials I have used for teaching in different courses at different universities.

I specialise in German philosophy, particularly Husserl and Heidegger, as well as the philosophy of technology & sustainability. But I also have a background in analytical philosophy, Descartes, Kant, Marx and Critical Theory.

See the about page for more on me.

Last aside

I am starting a blog!

Blogging functionality has been added to my website in order to enable me to post quick comments on diverse matters, e.g., responses to comments received on papers or course materials; and comments on topical issues, e.g., concerning development in Canberra. For example, I hope soon to post some replies to comments made on the op ed I recently published in The Riot ACT! See Barr’s fast track from Bush Capital to concrete jungle.

Recent Papers