Carleton Bruin Christensen
School of Philosophy, RSSS, Australian National University
Room 3227, Coombs Building
ACT 0200 Canberra, Australia

Tel.: +61 (0)2 6125 6265

In Germany, the Impressum should normally contain legal information with regard to privacy, data retention, liability, the accuracy of content and external links, and so on.

Rather than dumping a wall of text in German here, I’ll keep this simple—

This website

My writing on this website reflects my own opinions, not that of my employers, past or current.

External links do not constitute endorsements, unless explicitely noted.

For more general information about this website please see the About page.


I do not collect any information from visitors, aside from what the web hosting provider logs by default (HTTP logs) – I do not use any web analytics software (e.g. Google Analytics).

Since this website offers no dynamic commenting, the only avenue for sending me any personally identifying information is via email. I will not divulge anything you send me, unless it would be particularly humorous to do so (in which case your identifying details will be removed).